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320PURE is derived from 100% natural extracts, designed to heal, replenish and revitalize all hair types, using the curative and nourishing powers of the ocean and the earth. Committed on delivering 100% cruelty free products and exceptional hair care solutions all in one, bringing joy and wellbeing.


Our high quality gel is free of artificial colors. Our gel molds the hair with a firm hold and wet finish. Protects hair from pollution and helps with dandruff, fungi, oily scalp, uv protection, and anti-static agent.


Water based Pomade. Take advantage of the protective qualities of our Boss Pomade against free radicals, UV rays, and many other harmful toxins that we expose our hair to on a daily basis.


With Red One you can create any look any style with our line of products while smelling fresh. Most importantly our products are 100% animal cruelty free.

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PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE LINE derived from 100% natural extracts, designed to heal, replenish and revitalize all hair types.

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I can't believe this isn't being sold in stores nation wide yet! I've never loved a hair product like I do this one. I use the Smoothie EVERYDAY . Takes the frizz out, smells fabulous, AND is good for your hair? It's a win win situation. Try it out!!!"

Chris Martinez

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