~ The Lustre argan oil is the perfect detangling oils It has rich nutrients that will get rid of those rough knots!

A detangling serum can further condition and soften the hair, so your comb can seamlessly work its way through. Our 320 pure LUSTRE ARGAN OIL
has a unique blend of organic extracts that are easily absorbed by individual hair strands to shield against external heat, help seal porous ends, and maintain natural and artificial color.

This serum will make it easy to detangle your hair and say goodbye to the frizz!

~ A clarifying shampoo is essential!

Our deep-working shampoo, clarifying formulas work to remove buildup from the hair. Our deep cleanse shampoo is made to UPHOLD a clean, healthy scalp and PROMOTE cell turnover for optimal hair growth specially formulated to manage dandruff, scalp fungus, and oily hair. Its antioxidant,
antibacterial properties support healthy and shiny hair.


~ Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day!

You might think you're getting extra clean by washing your hair every day, but you could actually be doing more harm than good. "If you're over-shampooing, you're stripping away oils from your scalp, natural oils are the best thing to hydrate your scalp." Even someone with a short buzz-cut shouldn't shampoo every day, but it's especially important the longer your hair is. Three to four times a week is best for most guys.


~Keep a healthy head of hair taking a cold shower!

Cold showers actually blocks the blood capillaries in scalp. These blood capillaries carry essential nutrients and need to be active for optimum effect and suddenly constricting them would be disastrous for your hair health. But this doesn't mean you should wash your hair under piping hot water. It will completely mess up your hair by pulling out all the natural oils from scalp. Ideally, try and rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

~ Always Condition After You Shampoo!

We all want to save time in the shower, but washing your hair without conditioning afterward can cause serious damage. Conditioners replenish moisture and essential oils that even sulfate-free shampoos may get rid of. If you have short buzzed hair, you should always use conditioner after shampooing to keep hair healthy, but it's especially important for longer hair, even on days when you're not washing your hair. "For anything longer than three inches, you should condition your hair every day, whether you shampoo or not.

~ It is important to have alcohol and artificial color free products!

Alcohol and artificial colors irritate your scalp by destroying melanocyte which produce melanin. Melanin is responsible for the pigmentation of your hair, therefore,the more melanin the better. Iboss and Gelactica is alcohol and artificial color free which may reduce the chances of color discoloration. Avoiding these substances may allow the Hair follicles to remain healthy by reducing inflammation.

We treat your hair Like our own!